Preparing Your Horse Trailer for a County Fair

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Preparing Your Horse Trailer for a County Fair

31 March 2017
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If you just purchased a horse trailer, and you are interested in enrolling your horse in county fair shows, you are most likely excited about bringing your pet out on the open road in your new investment. Since county fair horse shows are attended by many visitors, you may want to dress up your trailer if it will be within view of those participating. This will pique interest of those who see it, perhaps having them seek out the horse who uses the trailer. Here are some steps you can take to make your horse trailer interesting so fair goers will be familiar with your horse, helping to boost the popularity of your pet as a result.

Take the Time to Clean Out Your Trailer in Its Entirety

Make sure you clean your trailer before you head out on the open road for the county fair. The interior should be completely wiped down with a mild detergent mixed with water before you fill it with hay for your horse to feast upon while being transported. Tuck a few trash bags in your vehicle, as well as a spray bottle of cleaner and a whisk broom, so you can remove any waste that accumulates in the trailer during your ride. Rinse the exterior to remove any debris as well.

Give Your Trailer a Coating of Paint to Attract Attention

If you want to get people to look at your trailer, it is a good idea to give it a fresh coat of paint in a color not usually used for horse transportation units. Instead of keeping your trailer a bland white or silver color, dress it up with a bright hue instead. Make sure to apply a rust-inhibiting paint if your trailer is made of metal so it does not become marred from inclement weather conditions.

Consider Using Pictures or a Slogan to Get Your Horse Noticed

If you know someone who does mural artwork, ask them to paint a picture of your horse on the side of your trailer. Alternately, you can use a slogan or the horse's name to get people familiar with the animal that uses the enclosure on the road. If the trailer is made of metal, you have the opportunity to use magnetic lettering as an alternate way to dress up the exterior instead of using paint. This will allow you to move around the lettering to different locations when you desire. At times you do not wish to keep the lettering in place, you can remove the magnets. Add a few magnetic hooks to the exterior of your trailer to hang any prior awards your horse has won.

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