Garage And Lot Parking Tips And Etiquette

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Garage And Lot Parking Tips And Etiquette

24 March 2018
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While it may seem that parking your car in a parking lot or a garage is one of the safest maneuvers you can do in your car, the truth is a lot of things can go wrong. In fact, many accidents occur in these areas. This article will offer you tips and etiquette advice for parking your car, so you can decrease your chances of having an accident or ending up with a damaged vehicle.

Make sure your vehicle isn't too high for a garages overhang – If you are going to be parking your vehicle in an underground parking structure, then you need to make sure that your vehicle isn't too tall to safely make it under the garage's overhang. Otherwise, you will find yourself surprised when you go to enter the structure only to have the top of your vehicle be damaged by the overhang.

Don't park your car next to the shopping cart return – While it may seem very convenient to park right next to the shopping cart return so you can unpack your items into the car and then just return the cart with ease, there are also risks that come with parking in this area. When people return their shopping carts, they can be careless and simply toss the carts toward the return, hoping for the cart to go right in. However, many times the carts will take a last-minute turn and end up causing damage to your car.

Don't park in the handicap parking even for a minute – No matter how full a parking lot is, you never want to park in the handicap parking spot, not even if it is just going to be for a minute. Not only will you be at risk of getting a ticket, but this is also an easy way to come out and find that someone has caused damage to your car out of spite. Plus, it's just plain rude since these spots are reserved for people who have actual physical limitations that make them have a more difficult time making a long walk through the parking lot.

Back out carefully – Make sure your radio is off, and you have a window open when you are backing out of a spot that you are having a hard time seeing behind. This way, you can hear if someone honks or shouts to warn you. Back out slowly, an inch at a time while you look as far over your shoulder as you can and check your mirrors constantly. You also want to make a conscious effort to look for kids and short-statured people behind the car.

For more information on garage and lot parking etiquette, contact your local parking services today.