Big Truck Power: Battery And Charging System Issues

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Big Truck Power: Battery And Charging System Issues

23 November 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

As the owner of a heavy-duty truck, it's important for you to be familiar with the most common repair issues and the things that you can do to prevent them. One of the things that many large truck owners overlook is the importance of the truck's charging and electrical system. Your truck's battery is the backbone of this system, so it's essential for you to understand some of the common repair issues associated with your truck's battery and charging system.

Battery Not Charging Properly

If you are frequently experiencing issues with discharged batteries, that's an indication that your truck's battery isn't charging correctly. Your truck's charging system should be providing enough power to maintain the charge in your battery as long as the system is working as it should and the battery is able to hold a charge. However, if your battery is beyond about five years old, or it is physically damaged, it may not be capable of holding a charge anymore and may need to be replaced.

You should also check to be sure that the battery cables are securely connected and there's no corrosion under the cable connections on the battery terminals. Loose cables or a poor connection to the terminal because of corrosion can hinder your battery's ability to receive a charge. You may need to have a repair technician clean the battery terminals or replace your battery cables to ensure adequate connection.

Finally, if your battery is in good condition and is properly connected, that means that you may have a problem with the alternator. Your truck's alternator supplies power to the battery to keep it charged. If it is insufficiently charging, you may need a repair technician to replace it.

Intermittent Power Loss

If you find that your truck's electrical power is intermittent or it seems to be unpredictable, you may need to check the battery tray and the battery tie-downs. If your battery isn't properly secured, it could be vibrating, rattling, or wiggling in the tray. This can lead to loose connections and battery damage which may disrupt your battery's communication with your truck's electrical system.

Unpredictable Battery Issues

If you're struggling with battery response issues, including intermittent slow starts in the morning, periodic issues with proper charging, and the need for jump starts on an unpredictable schedule, the problem could be simply because your truck's battery isn't the correct one. The best thing that you can do in a case like this is to have your truck's battery inspected by a repair technician. If you have the incorrect battery, either by model or by rating, it can lead to these issues. You'll have to replace the battery to resolve the intermittent problems.

Reach out to a professional who provides heavy-duty truck repairs if your battery isn't working right.