2 Signs You Need To Replace Your Car's Battery Immediately

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2 Signs You Need To Replace Your Car's Battery Immediately

22 November 2022
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Lately, you may have been having issues starting your car because the battery is either low or dead. Since you can get the vehicle started with a jump or after charging the battery, you may feel that you can continue doing so to keep your car going for a little bit longer.

However, even if you are successful with getting the battery to charge up, these temporary solutions will not work forever. There are a couple of signs that you need to watch out for that indicate that your need to replace the battery as soon as possible before it dies completely.

1. You Notice the Lights Inside the Vehicle's Passenger Compartment Are Barely Visible

One sign you should be on the lookout for that indicates the need for a new battery can be seen by observing the lights inside your car's passenger compartment. After recharging the battery, you will find that the lights shine brightly.

However, as you drive down the road, the lights will start to dim and become barely visible. If this is happening, it means that the battery is not accepting the charge from the car's alternator.

The power from the battery is coming from the jump charge you gave it before driving. Eventually, the battery will die completely, and you could be stranded on the side of the road if it is not replaced.

2. You Detect a Strong Odor Resembling Rotten Eggs Coming from the Air Vents

Another sign that you need to replace your battery immediately is the presence of a strong odor coming from the compartment's air vents. This odor will smell like rotten eggs.

Within the battery's cells, one of the chemicals contains sulfur. When the cells break down, the chemical is released.

If you are detecting this odor, the battery is no longer keeping its charge because its cells are degrading. Since there is no way to fix this problem, it will have to be replaced.

If the lights on your dashboard start to fade even after you have been driving for a while, the battery is no longer keeping its charge. This issue is most evident when an odor akin to rotten eggs is present, indicating that the battery cells are severely degraded. If not replaced as soon as possible, your car will either refuse to start or could die on your while on the road. Before either of these scenarios play out, take your car to a shop that offers automotive batteries immediately to have a representative assist you with selecting a new one to replace it.