My parents told me that when I was a little kid, all I ever asked for on my birthday and other holidays was toy cars! I do remember having fun playing with them, but they have told me many funny stories about how obsessed I was with them. When I was finally able to buy my first car after I turned 16 and got my driver's license, I really had fun putting aftermarket parts on it and customizing it. However, when something important needed repaired on it, I had no idea how to do it! I took learning more about cars as a challenge, and I have studied up on how to do my own maintenance and even perform small repairs over the years since. I want to share my knowledge on a blog and help other people realize that learning about their cars can really be fun!

What Everyone Needs to Know About Collision Repair for Aluminum Portions of Vehicles

27 March 2017
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Many newer vehicles on the roadways today are made of aluminum and steel. Some auto body technicians might not have the training to perform repairs on aluminum. This is because there was a time when the vehicles were made of steel, and technician training in those times focused on steel repairs, which involve different techniques than aluminum. This can lead to some confusion among consumers when they need to have collision repair performed on their vehicles. Read More …

Commercial Truck Financing Options For People With No Credit

6 March 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Articles

Commercial trucks represent a significant financial investment, which is why many people choose to finance the purchase with loans. However, this can pose a challenge for people who have no credit history or poor credit due to past mistakes. Despite this, it is still possible for people in this situation to get money to purchase a commercial truck. Here are three options you should investigate. Lease the Vehicle Instead of purchasing the truck outright, it may be a good idea to lease your commercial vehicle. Read More …