My parents told me that when I was a little kid, all I ever asked for on my birthday and other holidays was toy cars! I do remember having fun playing with them, but they have told me many funny stories about how obsessed I was with them. When I was finally able to buy my first car after I turned 16 and got my driver's license, I really had fun putting aftermarket parts on it and customizing it. However, when something important needed repaired on it, I had no idea how to do it! I took learning more about cars as a challenge, and I have studied up on how to do my own maintenance and even perform small repairs over the years since. I want to share my knowledge on a blog and help other people realize that learning about their cars can really be fun!

When to Take Your Car to an Auto Repair Shop: A Comprehensive Guide

20 October 2023
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Car troubles can be a headache and a source of worry for many drivers. When your car starts making strange noises or warning lights begin to flash, it can be difficult to know what the proper course of action is. Should you attempt to fix the issue yourself or bring your car to an auto repair shop? Explore common car problems and when it’s time to take your vehicle to a professional auto repair shop. Read More …

2 Signs You Need To Replace Your Car’s Battery Immediately

22 November 2022
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Lately, you may have been having issues starting your car because the battery is either low or dead. Since you can get the vehicle started with a jump or after charging the battery, you may feel that you can continue doing so to keep your car going for a little bit longer. However, even if you are successful with getting the battery to charge up, these temporary solutions will not work forever. Read More …

3 Tips For Donating Your Car To A Charity

21 March 2022
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Giving your car to charity is an excellent way to turn an old beater into something that can potentially change a life. If you know your vehicle doesn't have much value and don't want to sell it for scrap, donating can also be an easy and effective way to get an old clunker off your property. Whatever your reasons, charitable causes are one of the best places for old cars to find a home. Read More …

Window Tinting: Three Benefits Of Auto Glass Window Tinting You Don’t Know About

16 June 2021
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As far as window tinting is concerned, most people are only aware of two benefits: enhanced privacy and improving a vehicle's curb appeal. However, auto glass window tinting has numerous other benefits that most people have yet to recognize. As a result, a fair number of motorists don't see the need to have their vehicle's windows tinted. However, if you have been wondering what benefits you can enjoy by tinting your car windows, here are three essential benefits you should know. Read More …

Big Truck Power: Battery And Charging System Issues

23 November 2020
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As the owner of a heavy-duty truck, it's important for you to be familiar with the most common repair issues and the things that you can do to prevent them. One of the things that many large truck owners overlook is the importance of the truck's charging and electrical system. Your truck's battery is the backbone of this system, so it's essential for you to understand some of the common repair issues associated with your truck's battery and charging system. Read More …